The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

PART III Insolvency Resolution and Bankruptcy for Individuals and Partnership Firms

CHAPTER III Bankruptcy Order for Individuals and Partnership Firms

Section 118: Repayment plan coming to end prematurely:

*118. (1) A repayment plan shall be deemed to have come to an end prematurely if it has not been fully implemented in respect of all persons bound by it within the period as mentioned in the repayment plan.

(2) Where a repayment plan comes to an end prematurely under this section, the resolution professional shall submit a report to the Adjudicating Authority which shall state—

(a) the receipts and payments made in pursuance of the repayment plan;

(b) the reasons for premature end of the repayment plan; and

(c) the details of the creditors whose claims have not been fully satisfied.

(3) The Adjudicating Authority shall pass an order on the basis of the report submitted under sub-section (2) by the resolution professional that the repayment plan has not been completely implemented.

(4) The debtor or the creditor, whose claims under repayment plan have not been fully satisfied, shall be entitled to apply for a bankruptcy order under Chapter IV.

(5) The Adjudicating Authority shall forward to the persons bound by the repayment plan under section 115, a copy of the—

(a) report submitted by the resolution professional to the Adjudicating Authority under sub-section (2); and

(b) order passed by the Adjudicating Authority under sub-section (3).

(6) The Adjudicating Authority shall forward a copy of the order passed under sub-section (4) to the Board, for the purpose of recording entries in the register referred to in section 196.

Notifications & Circulars

*Only in so far as they relate to personal guarantors to corporate debtors, shall come into force w.e.f. 01.12.2019.