Section [ Chapter XXIA Producer Companies ] Notification Date
378A Definitions 11/02/2021
378B Objects of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378C Formation of Producer Company and its registration. 11/02/2021
378D Membership and voting rights of Members of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378E Benefits to Members 11/02/2021
378F Memorandum of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378G Articles of association 11/02/2021
378H Amendment of memorandum 11/02/2021
378-I Amendment of articles 11/02/2021
378J Option to inter-State co-operative societies to become Producer Companies 11/02/2021
378K Effect of incorporation of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378L Vesting of undertaking in Producer Company 11/02/2021
378M Concession, etc., to be deemed to have been granted to Producer Company 11/02/2021
378N Provisions in respect of officers and other employees of inter-State co-operative society 11/02/2021
378-O Number of directors 11/02/2021
378P Appointment of directors 11/02/2021
378Q Vacation of office by directors. 11/02/2021
378R Powers and functions of Board 11/02/2021
378S Matters to be transacted at general meeting 11/02/2021
378T Liability of directors 11/02/2021
378U Committee of directors 11/02/2021
378V Meetings of Board and quorum 11/02/2021
378W Chief Executive and his functions 11/02/2021
378X Secretary of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378Y Quorum 11/02/2021
378Z Voting rights 11/02/2021
378ZA Annual general meetings 11/02/2021
378ZB Share capital 11/02/2021
378ZD Transferability of shares and attendant rights 11/02/2021
378ZE Books of account 11/02/2021
378ZF Internal audit 11/02/2021
378ZG Duties of auditor under this Chapter 11/02/2021
378ZH Donation or subscription by Producer Company 11/02/2021
378Z-I General and other reserves 11/02/2021
378ZJ Issue of bonus shares 11/02/2021
378ZK Loan, etc, to Members 11/02/2021
378ZM Penalty for contravention 11/02/2021
378ZN Amalgamation, merger or division, etc, to form new Producer Companies 11/02/2021
378Z-O Disputes 11/02/2021
378ZP Strike off name of Producer Company 11/02/2021
378ZQ Provisions of this Chapter to override other laws 11/02/2021
378ZR Application of provisions relating to private companies 11/02/2021
378ZS Re-conversion of Producer Company to inter-State co-operative society 11/02/2021
378ZT Power to modify Act in its application to Producer Companies 11/02/2021
378ZU Power to make rules 11/02/2021