Submission of Spice Part-B on MCA V3 if Name is approved in Version 2 of MCA

As MCA recently took initiative for its transformation from MCA-V2 portal to MCA V3 portal. Due to this transition, professionals are facing various practical difficulties in filing of various forms. Today, we are addressing about issue which are coming while submitting Form Spice Part-B on MCA V3 portal if name is already approved in V3 Portal.

Common grievances or concerns arising while dealing with Form SPICE+ in MCA V3:

  • Name in Spice Part-A was pending for resubmission in V2 portal, but it’s not resubmitting in V3 portal.
  • Spice Part-B is in resubmission in V2 portal, but not resubmitting in V3 portal.
  • Name is approved in V2, but the Spice Part-B is not submitting in V3 portal.

In first Issue, you have to apply the name on V3 portal again.

To address all 2nd and 3rd issue, first you need to UPGRADE your user ID of V2(from which name was approved) TO V3 Portal. The user ID which you used while approving name in V2 Portal should be upgraded to V3 portal.

Steps for Upgradation of V2 ID ON V3 Portal:-

Step 1:

Log in to MCA V-3 Portal by using your V2 user ID and Password.

If you face any error than, click on Forgot Password and then provide OTP as required.

Step 2:

Once you login, Go to PROFILE UPDATE at right hand side.

Step 3:

Choose USER CATEGORY as Business User.

Step 4:

You can Edit any information by clicking on edit option.(If editable)

Step 5:

Fill your Name as per your PAN Database, because PAN validation will be required.

Step 6:

Select your USER ROLE from available category and click on SAVE Button.

After this you are successfully upgraded to V3 Portal and can proceed for your Name Approval Process.