Section [ Chapter XIII Appointment and Remuneration of Managerial Personnel ] Notification Date
196 Appointment of Managing Director, Whole-time Director or Manager 01/04/2014
197 Overall Maximum Managerial Remuneration and Managerial Remuneration in Case of Absence or Inadequacy of Profits 01/04/2014
198 Calculation of Profits 01/04/2014
199 Recovery of Remuneration in Certain Cases 01/04/2014
200 Central Government or Company to Fix Limit with Regard to Remuneration 01/04/2014
201 Forms of, and Procedure in Relation to, Certain Applications 01/04/2014
202 Compensation for Loss of Office of Managing or Whole-time Director or Manager 12/09/2013
203 Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel 01/04/2014
204 Secretarial Audit for Bigger Companies 01/04/2014
205 Functions of Company Secretary 01/04/2014