Registration of Intellectual Property Rights

We give our master group to selection of Intellectual property Rights (IPRs. Like Trademark Copyright, Logo, Patent, Design, and IPR portfolio organization and necessity for protections of IPRs including:

  • Plan Applications for IPRs.
  • Online Registration office with our DSC.
  • Going to of Hearings for Clients.
  • Online Registration inside Ten Minutes.
  • Confinement to conflicting engravings, going off, infringements et cetera.
  • Consultative and close co-arrangement for Interim Relief/Stay Order/Injunction from High Court et cetera.
  • Liasoning with Departments.
  • Normal or possibly criminal movement including Order u/s. 156(3), Stay Order from High Court et cetera.
  • Documentation including assignment, closeout of IPR et cetera.